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Get ready for prom 2020

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The time is coming, are you ready for a perfect prom night? To most girls, prom is one of the most unforgettable moments of high school. It's worth putting in effort to make it amazing. The checklist is long (that's why you need it :) ) , but the time and energy you spend on preparation will be paid off when the prom rolls around. So here you go:

  • Budget your prom
Talk to you parents see how much they can pay for your prom then you can have a budget and try to stick to it.Remember not to spend too much on the prom. Prom is not about being queen or having the coolest outfit, it's about having fun and making lasting memories.You don't want to be broke for just a prom.

  • Find a dress
Finding your prom dress is one of the most important things of prom planning and it can be very stressful. There are endless options to choose from, it's really hard to decided really so you shall start looking for your dress a few months in advance. 
    • Check out online prom sites for tons of options. Make sure you order well in advance so you can get your dress altered if necessary. Remember there many stores which offer made to order so you need to count the time for making the dress.
    • Shop for a dress that works with your signature style, whether it's classic preppy, romantic vintage, or modern and edgy. The important thing is to find a dress that makes you feel great.
    • See if your date wants to wear an outfit that matches yours (i.e. your dress matches his vest).
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  • Get underwear that flatters your dress
In order to avoid draw negative attention to an stunning dress by having your bra straps or underwear lines showing, carefully pick out underwear that will help you look great.
    • Choose a bra that gives you full support without showing. No matter your dress is backless or strapless, there are certainly a plenty of options that will still work for your dress. Please just keep looking...
    • Choose seamless underwear in a color that won't show through.If your dress is sheer, you may need a slip to go underneath.

  • Find jewelry and other accessories.

Once you've got the dress nailed down, it's time to add the details that will make your outfit look complete. 

    • Vintage and costume jewelry stores offer amazingly intricate jewelry at a very low price.But If you can't find just the right jewelry you can just make your own.
    • Don't forget to pick out a bag or clutch that matches your dress! It should be big enough to hold essentials like makeup, your cell phone and keys.


  • Pick the right shoes
    • Your shoes should match your dress. There's some online articles talk about the how shoes can march the dress, you can google it. If you are not so sure if the shoes match you dress if can go with a neutral, nude or black heels. It's look amazing with almost any dress color. 
    • Break in your heels before the big day. Wear them and walk around the. This will make your shoes more comfortable and less likely to slip.
    • Consider bringing backup flats just in case.


  • Try Hairstyles

Google hairstyles if you want to do your own prom hair. There are many great tutorials online offering advice on how to create beautifully  styles for any hair type. You can just follow the guide and try to find out a hairstyle which best for your look.


  • Practice your makeup

Practice your makeup until you look perfect...

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